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The Benefits of National Network

From establishing service networks throughout Taiwan, Sun Rise can offer the following :

  1. Prompt and convenient service to clients by eliminating long-distance traveling.
  2. Minimum communication costs such as time, labor, traveling, telephone and postage, etc, incurred by clients and Sun Rise as well.
  3. Simultaneous progress in accounting and tax service quality.
  4. Avoidance of out of town traveling and a reduction in turnover by providing a stable working condition to employees.
  5. Immediate access to our professional know-how and philosophy to all branch offices.
  6. Manpower support between and among Head Office and branch offices, which enhances the stability of Sun Rise and protects rights of our clients indirectly.
  7. Job rotation opportunities between departments and branch offices to reduce turnover of valued staff. This enables Sun Rise to accumulate know-how and skills, to achieve the enterprise goals as a going concern.
  8. Sharing resources developed internally so that each department can increase its capability to serve clients.
  9. Establishment of a human resource data bank through unified recruitment to ensure sufficiency of professional staff.
  10. Obtain economies of scale and benefit from scale effects.
  11. Enhancement of reliability to clients, by having Head Office overlooking quality control over management, services, and finance of branch offices.