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Welcome to NEXIA Sun Rise CPAs & Co.,

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General Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping department provides the following services.

Our Philosophy

By providing bookkeeping services, we help clients free up valuable time to concentrate on their business activities and avoid unnecessary tax payment and tax penalties. We focus our services on:

  • Keeping proper records
  • Producing financial statements on a timely basis
  • Saving costs for clients
  • Providing the basis for management control

Quality Control over Bookkeeping

We require our employees to:

  • Understand clients' businesses and accounting policies
  • Maintain close contact with clients to smooth the bookkeeping process
  • Prepare financial statements on a timely basis
  • Have their working papers reviewed by superiors
  • Report job progress to superiors in writing or orally on a timely basis
  • Have their superior review working papers for VAT filing
  • Document answers to client's inquiries in writing if necessary

Have the Auditing department to examine working papers on a test basis
Follow up client's complaints