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Public Offerings, Listings, and Over-the-Counter Trading

The following services are integrately provided by the Capital Marketing, International, Registration, and Legal Departments:


  • Feasibility studies and strategic planning
  • Assistance to clients in communicating underwriters and responsible government agencies
  • Recommendation on appointing underwriters and other professionals
  • Consultation on holding meetings of shareholders and the Board of Directors
  • Advice on Business laws and regulations
  • Proposals for employees' stock purchase plans
  • Planning for taxes on securities transactions
  • Financial forecasts
  • Assistance in designing internal training programs
  • Planning capital structures
  • Establishment/improvement of internal controls and management control systems


  • Compilation or review of financial statements
  • Review and audit of internal control
  • Preparation of other required documents
  • Assistance in obtaining financial and legal expert's opinions
  • Compilation or review of company's prospectuses
  • Assistance in eliminating violation of SFC regulations
  • Assistance in operation performance announcements
  • Consultation and provision of expert's opinion for stock offering price

Public Listings

  • Assistance in acquisition of long-term capital
  • Assistance in holding meetings of shareholders and the board of directors
  • Assistance in announcement of financial statement and significant events
  • Consultation and recommendation on investment plans
  • Assistance in oversea public offerings


  • Audit of annual or semi-annual financial statements
  • Review of quarterly financial statements or financial forecasts
  • Review of other required documents